Breeding for high yield of berries and improved yield attributes in Solanum aethiopicum L.

H.U. Anaso, G.U. Okereke, J.O. Uzo


Two homozygous lines of edible cultivated Solanum species (S. aethiopicum L. and S. anguivi L.) were crossed to raise F1, F2, BC1 and BC2 generations. The parents and the crosses gave seven families which were tested for hybrid vigour. The mode of action of the three qualitative traits, peduncle attachment type, unripe fruit colour and leaf spininess, were investigated as they affected yield and consumer appeal. Highly significant levels of hybrid vigour were detected in harvest date, number of fruits plant-1, fruit size and weight and leaf index. Fleshy, strongly attached versus thin, easily removed peduncle; green versus white unripe fruit colour; and spiny versus spineless condition showed monogenic inheritance.


Solanum aethiopicum; Solanum anguivi; Backcross; Hybrid vigour; Gene action, Anara; Monogenic inheritance

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