Earthworm meal as a protein concentrate for broilers


Lampito mauritii
Broiler growth

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Earthworm meal as a protein concentrate for broilers. (1990). Tropical Agriculture, 67(4).


Dried earthworm meal (EM) was evaluated as a substitute for fish meal (FM) in the diets of one-week-old broilers for 52 days. Two diets were used, a control ration (C) with 9.4% FM and the test ration (T) with 9.4% EM (gut-cleaned); other ingredients of the T ration were adjusted so that both rations contained 23% crude protein. The mean weight gains were 1.12 and 1.17 kg, feed consumption 2.53 and 2.52 kg, feed conversion 2.26 and 2.15 kg, and mean growth rates 0.024 and 0.025 kg d-1 respectively, for the C and T rations. Earthworm meal (> 50% protein) can be produced at low cost and can be used as an excellent substitute for fish meal.