Nutritional evaluation of tropical legume and cereal forages grown in Pakistan


  • Iqtidar A. Khalil NWFP Africultural University, Peshawar, Pakistan
  • Fazil Raziq Durrani NWFP Africultural University, Peshawar, Pakistan


Legumes, Cereals, Forages, Protein, Minerals, Amino acids


The nutritional composition, protein quality and in vitro protein digestibility of four tropical legumes, berseem, cowpea, guara, lucerne, and two cereals, oat and maize forages grown in Pakistan, were studied in order to assess their role in animal nutrition. It was found that legumes contained more protein than cereals. They were also good sources of Ca, P and Fe. Legume protein, although deficient in methionine and cystine, were found to be an excellent lysine supplement for cereal-based poultry rations. Legume proteins were more digestible in vitro than cereal proteins. It was concluded that legume/cereal combinations can serve as a balanced feed for productive livestock.



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