Estimation of cowpea yield loss from Striga infestation


  • V.D. Aggarwal IITA-SAFGRAD Project, B.P. 1783, Ougadougou. Burkina Faso
  • J.T. Ouedraogo IITA-SAFGRAD Project, B.P. 1783, Ougadougou. Burkina Faso


Striga damage, Plant type, Resistant variety


Six cowpea varieties of various plant types and maturities were grown in Striga infested and control plots at Kamboinse, Burkina Faso, to estimate yield losses caused by the parasite. The average yield reduction was 30% in susceptible varieties. The resistant variety, SUVITA-2, was completely resistant and suffered very little loss, but yields of all others were significantly reduced, irrespective of plant type and maturity. Kaya Local, which is photosensitive, suffered maximum loss from longer exposure to Striga infestation during the vegetative phase. No yield component alone caused all the grain yield loss.



Research Notes