Sprout-inhibiting effects of a propham.chloropropham (IPC.CIPC) mixture and its residue pattern in ware potatoes stored under warm conditions

P.N.F. Wessel, R. Wustman


An investigation on the effect of sprout-growth inhibiting compounds and their residue pattern at three storage temperatures was carried out on ware potatoes. The effect of a commercially available mixture of propham and chloropropham (IPC.CIPC) on ware potatoes, cv. Bintje, was studied during four months at 6, 10 and 25°C storage temperatures. IPC/CIPC at the rate of 11 mg a.i. kg-1 was applied at the start of the experiment and repeated when 80% sprouting was observed. In another experiment at 25°C storage temperature, the sprout-growth inhibiting effect of IPC.CIPC powder was compared with IPC.CIPC liquid; the pattern of IPC.CIPC residue in the tubers was observed simultaneously during four months. Results showed that one IPC.CIPC application at 6°C and a re-application (at 10 and 25°C) substantially inhibited sprout growth, the highest losses in the 25°C IPC.CIPC treatment being less than 12%. IPC.CIPC powder as well as CIPC liquid appeared to be effective. The repeated IPC.CIPC application resulted in higher residue levels than the single application. Residue levels of all treatments, four weeks after application, were less than 2 mg kg-1 in washed unpeeled potatoes.


Propham/chloropropham; Storage; Potatoes· Residue

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