Selection of aluminium-tolerant variants from irradiated protocorm-like bodies in banana

Kazumitsu Matsumoto, Hikoyuki Yamaguchi


Aluminium-tolerant variants were selected from mutagen-treated protocorm-like bodies (PLBs) of banana cv. Nanicao (Musa cv. AAA group, Cavendish subgroup). PLBs were irradiated by gamma rays for 2kR (0.516 C kg-1) and cultured on a synthetic non-woven material which absorbed the liquid medium containing 10 mM of aluminium chloride. The pH of the medium was adjusted to 4.6 to simulate natural acid soil conditions showing aluminium toxicity for plants. The growing PLBs on the aluminium-containing medium were selected. One of the two PLB lines selected showed a higher tolerance of aluminium stress than the original PLB line. This line was then proliferated and whole plants were obtained.


Aluminium chloride: Aluminium tolerance: Banana; Musa; Induced mutation: Non-woven material; Protocorm-like body

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