Maintenance of vigour and viability of stored gingelly (Sesamum indicum L.) seeds

K. Ramamoorthy, V. Palanisamy, D. Kalavathi, K. Vanangamudi, T.V. Karivaratharaju


Hydration treatment of seven-month-old gingelly seeds cv TMV 3 through moisture equilibration, soaking or moist-sand, either with water or sodium phosphate (dibasic 2.5 x 10-3 M) for 48 h, 30 min and 96 h, respectively, followed by drying back, reduced the loss of vigour and viability when subjected to accelerated and natural ageing conditions. The treated seeds maintained membrane integrity by exhibiting a lower electrical conductivity of the seed leachate, reduced leakage of sugars and amino acids. Lower lipid peroxidation values were recorded in treated seeds. Counteraction of lipid peroxidation and free radical quenching may be possible reasons for so extending the viability of treated seeds.


Sesamum indicum; Gingelly; Hydration-dehydration; Membrane functions; Lipid perodixation

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