Treated sugarcane bagasse for sheep

A.L. Abdalla, D.M.S.S. Vitti, J.C. Silva Filho


In an experiment carried out at the Animal Science Section of the Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura (CENA/USP), treated sugarcane bagasse was used in a maintenance requirement diet for sheep. 14 animals were kept in individual pens and fed with treated bagasse and hay in an isonitrogenous diet. Dry matter intake, wool production and liveweight changes were recorded for each sheep. Dry matter intake for animals fed with hay was significantly the best (P < 0.01). Wool production and liveweight change did not differ between the experimental diets. Results suggest that treated sugarcane bagasse may be strategically used in a maintenance requirement diet for sheep.


Treated bagasse; Maintenance diet; Sheep; Brazil

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