Resistance of coconuts in St Lucia to attack by the coconut mite Eriophyes guerreronis Keifer


  • David Moore CAB lnternational Institute of Biological Control, Imperial College, Silwood Park, Buckhurst Road, Ascot, Berks, SL5 7TA, UK
  • Lucius Alexander Union Research Station, Ministry of Agriculture, Castries, St Lucia, West Indies


Cocos nucifera L., Eriophyes guerreronis Keifer, Plant resistance


Coconuts (Cocos nucifera L.) attacked by the coconut mite (Eriophyes guerreronis Keifer) in St Lucia showed a range of attack; some trees were very susceptible while others were relatively resistant. Two easily noted features, rounded nuts and dark green nuts, were associated with less attack than occurred on other nuts. There appear to be good possibilities of selecting mite-resistant and productive trees from within the coconut population of St Lucia, and the use of resistant cultivars is a promising method of management of the pest.



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