Additive genetic effects for sugarcane yield components and implications for hybridization

K.A. Gravois, S.B. Milligan, F.A. Martin


Trait relationships between sucrose yield and its components in sugarcane (Saccharum spp.) were studied using additive genetic correlations and path-coefficient analysis. Potential genetic progress was assessed by studying narrow-sense heritability, genetic coefficient of variation, and genetic advance. Four progeny from each of 20 crosses and the parents were studied as plant cane and the first two ratoons. Increased sucrose yield in the progeny appeared to depend more on parental cane yield and stalk number than on parental sucrose content. However, simultaneous selection for high cane yield and increased sucrose content is feasible and would best increase sucrose yield. Screening parental populations against high pith would decrease pith in the progeny.


Saccharum spp.; Additive genetic correlation; Narrow-sense heritability

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