Planting density and arrangement for higher berry and solasodine yields in Solanum viarum; rectangular vs square spacing

G. Subbi Reddy, R. Krishnan, M.V. Chandravadana


Using nearly spine-free diploid and induced autotetraploid lines developed in our laboratory in two trials, berry and solasodine yields of Solanum viarum were evaluated over a wide range of planting densities (6900-49 000 plants ha-1) under square and rectangular spacings. Under square spacing, a linear relationship existed between planting density (up to 49 000 plants ha-1) and berry yield. Solasodine content was not affected by planting density, but within the range 6900- 28 000 plants ha-1, rectangular spacing (E to W) proved superior to square spacing in both berry and solasodine yields. Available evidence supported the adoption of wider east-west spacing for better light interception and realization of higher berry and solasodine yields. Higher planting densities (up to 49 000 plants ha-1) and square spacing is suggested for crop harvested once only at 180 days.


Solanum viarum; Planting density; Berry yield; Square spacing; Rectangular spacing; Diploid varieties; Autotetraploid varieties; Solasodine

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