Physical description and productivity of Landim goats and sheep in Mozambique


  • A. Rocha Animal Production Institute, C.P. 1410, Maputo, Mozambique
  • R.T. Wilson International Livestock Centre for Africa, PO Box 5689, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Sheep, Goats, Landim breeds, Reproduction, Growth, Mozambique


Physical descriptions of Landim goats and sheep in Mozambique are provided. Productivity of the two species under the same environmental and management conditions is compared and presented as leastsquares means. Age at first parturition was 700 days for both species. Litter size was 1.42 overall, being larger in goats (1.47) than in sheep (1.36). There were significant differences also among years and seasons of parturition but not among ewes of different ages. Parturition interval (412 days) was influenced by year but not by species, season, parturition type (single or multiple) or age of female. The number of young produced female-1 year-1 (1.47) was greater in goats (1.57) than in sheep (1.38) and was influenced by year but not by season or age of female. Weights at birth (2.36 kg), at 90 days (9.9 kg), at 150 days (12.3 kg) and at 365 days (20.7 kg) did not differ between species: they were generally influenced by year, season and type of birth but not by the age of the dam of the animal being weighed. Mortality was 4% at 10 days, increasing to 20% at 150 days, being higher in lambs than in kids; there were also differences in mortality related to year and season of birth. The results are discussed in relation to the possible role of these types of small ruminant in improving animal productivity in Africa.



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