Preliminary agronomic evaluation of forage legumes for subhumid West Africa


  • S.A. Tarawali International Livestock Centre For Africa, PMB 2248, Kaduna, Nigeria


Forage legume evaluation, Alysicarpus spp.· Cassia rotundifolia, Centrosema brasilianum, Centrosema pascuorum, Centrosema pubescens, Clitoria tematea, Macroptilium atropurpureum, Macrotyloma axillare, Subhumid West Africa


This Paper describes the initial steps taken in the evaluation of 23 promising forage legume accessions (eight species), selected from a single row evaluation trial and assessed by monitoring agronomic traits for two seasons in a replicated trial at one site in central Nigeria. Centrosema pascuorum Mart. ex Benth., C. brasilianum (L.) Benth. and Cassia rotundifolia Pers. accessions performed best and are recommended for further testing and seed multiplication. Details of the evaluation technique and performance of the accessions are discussed in relation to potential benefits to livestock and crop production within the zone.



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