Combining ability for yield in inter-and intra-growth habit crosses in groundnut

U.K. Bansal, D.R. Satija, V.P. Gupta


A line × tester analysis involving eight female and four male parents, all of different growth habits, generating 32 F1 crosses was undertaken in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.). Combining ability analysis indicated that non-additive gene effects were predominant for yield components although the magnitude of additive effects was substantial. Intra-group crosses were better for yield and its components than inter-group crosses. Inter-group crosses involved good combining parents; immediate improvement can be made in inter-group crosses because additive gene effects can be exploited easily by any breeding method.


Arachis hypogaea; Groundnut; Line x tester; Combining ability analysis; Inter-and intra-group crosses

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