Studies on intercropping with silk cotton trees (Ceiba pentandra (L.) Gaertn.)

K.K. Suresh, R.S. Vinaya Rai


Seven crops which included six field crops (sorghum, field bean, cowpea, sesame, sunflower, cotton) and a fodder grass were raised twice every year for three consecutive years in the interspaces of seedling silk cotton trees planted at a spacing of 8 x 8 m. Row-wise assessment of crop yields indicated no yield impairment due to the proximity of the trees. Semi-annual growth rate of the trees was also not affected by intercropping during the first six months. During the next six months, cotton enhanced the tree height growth rate; but fodder grass completely inhibited the sapling growth. Tree growth was uninfluenced subsequently.


Intercrops; Tree growth rate; Tree interspace; Monoculture; Agroforestry; Field crops; Fodder grass

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