Market potential for cassava flours and starches in Ghana. (267)


Manihot esculenta Crantz

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Market potential for cassava flours and starches in Ghana. (267). (1998). Tropical Agriculture, 75(2).


This study details the results of a baseline survey carried out in 1996 of the current starches and flours markets, and an assessment of the market potential for cassava starch and flour in Ghana. The market for starch comprises a number of end users who use maize, cassava, and potato starch in the textiles, pharmaceuticals, paper, food, and adhesive industries. The current market size is 4200 tonnes per annum which are mainly imported, and is likely to grow to 6000 tonnes per annum by the year 2000. Most users have very high quality specifications with 60% of the market being for modified starches. There would appear to be potential for the production of cassava starch within Ghana to meet some of these specifications. The market for flour in Ghana is currently dominated by wheat flour. In 1996, approximately 300 000 tonnes of wheat equivalences were imported. Most of this flour was used by the food industry in the preparation of bread and snack foods but some was also used as a glue extender by the plywood industry. Cassava flour has potential to substitute for wheat flour in wood glues. The food sector is an attractive market for cassava flour because it uses large amounts of imported wheat flour. However, to be successful, cassava flour needs to be made to a high standard to meet the stringent quality specifications of the potential users in the food industry.