Performance of sweetpotato in different agro-ecologies in Ghana. (25)



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Performance of sweetpotato in different agro-ecologies in Ghana. (25). (1998). Tropical Agriculture, 75(1).


Five exotic sweetpotato [(Ipomoea batatas (L.)] clones (TIS 8266, TIS 86/0350, TIS 84/0320, TIS 3017, and Sauti) and three locally collected clones (Local Red, Dugbadza, and Cape Coast) were selected from several accessions and evaluated in four agro-ecological zones in Ghana in order to recommend suitable genotypes for release to farmers. The agro-ecologies were coastal savannah, deciduous forest, forest-savannah transition, and guinea savannah with mean annual rainfall of 800 mm, 1500 mm, 1300 mm, and 1100 mm, respectively. Harvesting was done four months after planting (MAP). In the coastal savannah, the best four clones were TIS 86/0350, TIS 3017, TIS 8266, and TIS 84/0320 with mean tuber yields ranging from 10.6 to 12.9 t ha-1. In the forest zone, the best four (TIS 8266, TIS 84/0320, TIS 3017 and Dugbadza) produced yields ranging from 18.9 to 24.4 t ha-1. In the Forest-Savannah transition, the best four were TIS 8266, TIS 3017, Sauti, and Local Red with mean tuber yields between 12.0 and 14.9 t ha-1. In the guinea savannah, the best performing clones were TIS 86/0350, Dugbadza, TIS 84/0320, and TIS 8266 with mean yields ranging from 16.9 to 18.5 t ha-1. Clone TIS 8266 was among the top four clones in all agro-ecologies.