Metabolize energy values of some mixed grains Nigerian brewery by-products for cockerels. (212)

A. Ajakaiye, J.O. Atteh


An experiment was conducted to determine the apparent and nitrogen-corrected metabolizable energy values (MEn) of some brewery by-products available in Nigeria, namely, malt dust [1000 g kg-1 barley (MD)] and brewers' dried grains [(1) 333.3 g kg-1 barley plus 666.7 g kg-1 maize (BDGBM), (2) 320 g kg-1 barley plus 320 g kg-1 sorghum plus 360 g kg-1 maize (BDGBSM), and (3) 500 g kg-1 maize plus 500 g kg-1 sorghum (BDGMS)] using cockerels. Apparent metabolizable energy (ME) values of the brewery by-products were 8.33 ± 0.15 MJ kg-1, 9.12 ± 0.23 MJ kg-1, 9.67 ± 0.15 MJ kg-1, and 10.50 ± 0.13 MJ kg-1. Corresponding MEn values were 7.90 ± 0.15 MJ kg-1, 8.66 ± 0.23 MJ kg-1, 9.20 ± 0.15 MJ kg-1, and 9.92 ± 0.13 MJ kg-1, respectively. The rate of passage (ROP) was similar for all the test diets.


Metabolizable energy; Metabolizable energy corrected for nitrogen; Black Olympia cockerels; Brewery by-products

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