Comparative performance of guineakeets (Numida meleagris) reared in battery brooders or on deep litter. (78)

A.B. Mandal, G.S. Bisht, Harpreet Singh, N.N. Pathak


Two experiments were conducted to study comparative growth performance, carcass traits, and certain blood biochemicals from guineakeets (Numida meleagris) reared in battery cages or on deep litter. Live weights were higher in keets reared in battery cages than in those reared on litter. Feed intake and feed conversion ratio were similar. Birds in battery cages had lower blood and feather yield and higher eviscerated yield as proportions of total weights. Plasma protein and cholesterol concentration were higher in caged birds while keets reared on litter had higher uric acid. The performance of the guineakeets was better when reared in battery cages than on deep litter.


Rearing system; Battery cage; Deep litter; Guineakeet; Weight gain; Feed conversion ratio; Carcass traits; Blood biochemicals

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