Preliminary studies on the use of parboiled cassava peel meal as a substitute for maize in layer’s diets. (199)


  • R.I. Salami St. Andrew's College of Education, P.M.B. 1010, Oye, Oyo State, Nigeria


Cassava peel meal, Maize substitute, Layers, Feed intake, Egg production


The response of 200 Isa Brown layers to parboiled cassava peel meal (PCPM) as a substitute for maize at the graded levels of 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% of the proportion of maize (40%), was investigated from 54 weeks to 70 weeks of age. Economy of egg production was also studied. Progressive substitution of maize with PCPM towards 100% was in favour of an improvement in feed intake:egg weight ratio (FI:EW) and reduction in feed cost per egg produced on the respective diets. Nevertheless, results in other parameters showed that PCPM could not replace maize in layers' diets beyond 50% of the dietary proportion of the latter without having adverse effects on body weight, feed intake, egg production, and egg weight all of which are of paramount importance in table egg production. Conclusively, partial replacement of maize in layers' diet with PCPM not exceeding 50% of maize proportion, accompanied with some improvement and reduction in FI:EW and feed cost, respectively, is thus recommended.



Research Notes