Plant growth-promoting activity of some fungal and bacterial agents on rice seed germination and seedling growth. (188)

D.S. Mishra, A.P. Sinha


Four fungal (Gliocladium virens, Trichoderma virens, T. harzianum, and Aspergillus niger) and one bacterial (Pseudomonas fluorescens) biocontrol agents were examined for their effect on germination, root and shoot length, and seedling weight of rice through seed treatment and seedling root dip. The seed germination was increased from 26.3% to 52.6%. There were similar significant results in root length, shoot height, and fresh weight of rice seedlings. Seeding root dip in the spore suspension of the biocontrol agents before transplanting also exhibited increased plant growth and vigour.


Biocontrol agents; Seed treatment; Growth promotion

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