Stability analysis for seed quality components in soya bean [Glycine max (L.) Merrill]. (104)

Yogendra Mohan, Hari Har Ram


Genotype x environment interactions for eight seed quality traits in soya bean [Glycine max (L.) Merrill] were assessed by evaluating 24 soya bean genotypes over eight environments over a two-year period. The genotypes showed significant interactions with the environment for vigour index, electrical conductivity of seed leachate, speed of germination index, standard germination, seed germination after methanol stress, and field emergence. The genotype Kalitur proved to be a superior and stable genotype for seed quality and seed longevity followed by genotypes T-49, Shilajit, and PK 1174. The genotypes Shilajit and PK 1174 were agronomically suitable with determinate plant type. Genotypes T-49 and Kalitur having indeterminate growth habit and susceptibility to shattering, should be used as donors to improve seed longevity.


Soya bean; Glycine max; Stability; Seed quality; Genotype x environment interaction

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