Improvement of the horticultural traits of Cavendish banana (Musa spp, AAA group) through somaclonal variation. (40)

C.Y. Tang, C.H. Tai


Selection of larger bunch size in Cavendish banana (Musa spp) was made among somaclonal variants in banana orchards established through tissue-cultured plantlets. Eleven selected clones were evaluated in two preliminary yield trials among which clones TC2-256 and TC2-425 were selected based on their performance in yield potential and horticultural characteristics. These two clones were further evaluated in an advanced yield trial together with cvs 'Pei-Chiao' and 'Tai-Chiao No. 2' as local checks for two cycles using a randomised complete block design with four replications. Clones TC2-425 and TC2-256 consistently gave higher bunch weight of 33.5-34.8 kg and 28.1-31.6 kg, respectively, which was about 2-6 kg higher than the check cultivars. In addition, the selected clones showed a longer growing cycle, taller and thicker pseudostems, and a larger number of hands and fingers per bunch. The fruit size of clone TC2-425 was significantly (P < 0.05) larger than that of the other clones evaluated in the same trial. Practical considerations of using somaclonal variation for the improvement of horticultural traits in banana are discussed.


Musa spp; Banana; Breeding; Bunch size; Yield; Somaclonal variation

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