Evaluation of sorghum lines for Striga resistance. (237)


  • Francis A. Showemimo Department of Plant Science, Institute for Agricultural Research, Ahmadu Bello University, P.M.B. 1044, Samaru, Zaria


Striga hermonthica, Witchweed, Yield, Tolerance, Resistance


Striga (Striga hermonthica) has endangered most sorghum-growing areas of Africa and is increasing. Therefore, eight genetically diverse elite sorghum lines including a susceptible check (SSV-4) were evaluated for two years in a Striga-infested field. The experiment was a split-plot arrangement with three replications and Striga infestation as main-plot and sorghum lines as sub-plot treatments. There were no significant year or year by line effects. There was genetic variation for resistant to Striga. Resistance was expressed as adult plant resistance. Sorghum lines SSV-3 and KSV-4 possessed partial resistance, with low damage score (3.0 and 2.7), reduced height (13.7 and 16.8%), and grain reduction (17.9 and 18.2%), respectively. Line KSV-8 was tolerant to Striga. Lines SS-3, KSV-4, and KSV-8 are potential sources of Striga resistance.



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