Agricultural extension in eastern Nigeria: Educational methods and subject areas. (198)


  • Okechukwu M. Ukaga Northwest Minnesota Sustainable Development Partnership, University of Minnesota, Cloquet, MN 55720, U.S.A.


Agricultural extension, Extension officers, Pedagogical methods, Agricultural clientele, Nigeria


This study examined the frequency and appropriateness of educational methods used and subject-matter areas covered by extension officers in Imo State of Nigeria. The data showed that Nigerian extension officers use pedagogical methods with agricultural clientele which provided opportunities for farmers to participate in planning programmes and activities. These methods were characterized by high contact, greater client involvement, and less reliance on technology. The findings indicated that the extension officers frequently used methods they perceived to be more appropriate for assisting their clients. The study also revealed that the respondents covered mostly subject-matter programme areas that they perceived to be most important to their target audience.



Research Notes