Canopy characteristics, dry matter partitioning efficiency, and runner yield in swamp taro (Colocasia esculenta L. Schott) grown under water-logged conditions. (45)

S. Roy Chowdhury, P.S.B. Anand, N. Sahoo, H.N. Verma


Swamp taro (Colocasia esculenta L. Schott) grown under marshy water-logged conditions showed active leaf area development up to 6-7 months after planting. Among the five different cultivars studied, namely, BCST23, BCST21, BCST2, BCST4, and BCST15, cv. BCST15 with greater leaf area for longer duration and high crop growth rate showed the best runner yield. The leaf area index (r = 0.90*) and dry matter (DM) production rate (r = 0.93**) showed significant positive association with runner yield among the different cultivars. The runner DM increased exponentially (R2 = 0.7885) with increase in harvest index. Thus, greater leaf area with high DM production efficiency and better harvest index appeared useful physiological traits for better yield in swamp taro cultivars.


Swamp taro; Leaf area; Dry matter production; Dry matter partitioning; Runner yield

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