Effect of benzyladenine on growth and flower yield of chamomile plants. (01)

V.E. Emongor, C.M.M. Mutunga, J.A. Chweya


The effect of benzyladenine (BA) on growth and development of chamomile plants (Matricaria chamomilla L.) was investigated in two field experiments. Plants were sprayed to run-off with BA at 0, 25, 50, and 75 mg L-1 in two timings, 4 and 6 weeks after transplanting (WAT). Benzyladenine application significantly increased plant height, number of tillers and leaves per plant, dry matter (DM) production, and partitioning of the DM to either roots or shoots depending on BA concentration and timing of application. Benzyladenine concentration and timing of application interaction was significant for chamomile plant height, leaf number, DM accumulation and partitioning, and flower yield of chamomile. Benzyladenine also increased chamomile flower yield. This study showed that 25 mg L-1 BA can be used to modify chamomile vegetative growth and flower yield. This study also showed that BA concentration and timing of application are important in the response of chamomile plants to BA.


Benzyladenine; Chamomille; Vegetative growth; Flower yield

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