Endogenous levels of cytokinins in seed and leachates of groundnut at different anoxic periods. (101)

S. Asha, K.N. Rao


The endogenous levels of cytokinins and their loss as leachates from groundnut seed at different anoxic periods were studied. Cytokinins with chromatographic properties identical to zeatin, zeatin riboside, adenine, and 6 (?, ? - dimethyl allyl amino) purine were identified in seed and leachates from groundnut at 24-, 48-, 72-, and 96-h intervals of anoxic periods. Further, identity of adenine and 6 (?, ?- dimethyl allyl amino) purine were confirmed by spectral analysis. The total quantities of zeatin equivalents were highest at 96 h in seed and at 72 h in leachates. It is inferred that the release of cytokinins by seed into the ambient medium presumably offers protection against unfavourable conditions that appears to be an integral part of seedling establishment, serving as an excellent strategy to overcome unfavourable conditions.


Anoxia; Cytokinins; Leachates; Groundnut; Seeds

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