The agronomic performance of six promising off-types of banana (Musa spp AAA) under protected cultivation. (30)

Hamide Gübbük, Mustafa Pekmezci


In this study, yield and plant growth parameters of six promising off-types of banana (Musa spp AAA) (Gazipasa 5, Gazipasa 6, Gazipasa 7, Alanya 2, Anamur 2, and Anamur 4) and the Dwarf Cavendish cultivar (control) were compared during two crop cycles at a planting density of 1850 ha-1. For this purpose, stem circumference, stem height, green leaf numbers, bunch stalk circumference, days from shooting to harvest, number of bands per bunch, number of fingers per bunch, finger circumference, finger length, and bunch weight were evaluated. All the off-types were agronomically superior to the standard cultivar Dwarf Cavendish with yield increases of 8 to 13%. Yield of Dwarf Cavendish was lowest (58 t ha-1 yr-1) and highest for Gazipasa 7 (65.5 t ha-1 yr-1) and Anamur 2 (64.6 t ha-1 yr-1). Dwarf Cavendish and Anamur 4 produced the shortest plants, but Anamur 4 had the greatest stem circumference. Crop cycle length was similar for all types. All the selections surpassed Dwarf Cavendish in number of hands per bunch, number of fingers per bunch, and bunch weight. Experimental results showed that selection of plants was a suitable strategy for yield improvement in banana.


Banana; Selection; Plastic cultivation; Yield; Quality

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