Evaluation of salt tolerance capability of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) germplasm. (30)

D. Ghosh, Yogendra K. Tripathi, M.K. Mujamdar, R.V. Kumar, Ved Prakash


Thirty-five exotic accessions of cotton (Gossypum hirsutum L.) were screened against soil salinity, in the terms of germination in different gradients of salt solutions of electrical conductivity. Eight accessions, namely, F-1913, F-1942, LH-1556, LN-900, F-1794, F-846, F-1424, and F-1054 along with control cultivar LRA-5166, showed superior performance against salinity at all stages of development. The accessions are recommended as the potential parents for breeding salt-tolerant genotypes. Variation in salt tolerance response was found to be associated with ontogenic change in a few accessions.


Salinity; Germination; Phenotype index; Salt response index

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