Effects of PowerplantTM (Liquid) and conventional NPK fertilizer on growth and yield of maize in Riyom, Plateau State, Nigeria. (96)


  • P.T. Haggai Plateau State College of Agriculture, Garkawa, P.M.B. 01 Garkawa
  • L. Aliyu Department of Agronomy, Ahmadu Bello University, P.M.B. 1044 Zaria


PowerplantTM (liquid), conventional NPK, fertilizers, growth, yield, maize.


In a two year trial, effects of Powerplant (Liquid) macro and micro-nutrient fertilizer at 0, 30, 60 and 84 L.ha-1 and conventional granular NPK fertilizer (20-10-10) at 0, 150 and 300 kg ha-1 were tested under field conditions in a randomized complete block design (RCBD). Application of Powerplant and NPK significantly (P>0.05) increased plant height, number of leaves per plant, LAI, stem and root dry weights, number and weight of grains per cob and yield (kg) per plot as compared with control. Powerplant and NPK at 84 L.ha-1 and 300 kg ha-1 respectively gave the highest growth characters at 6 and 9 weeks after planting (WAP). Stem and root dry weights were significantly increased with each additional rate of Powerplant above that of control. Yield components such as number of grains and grain weight per cob, 100 seed weight and yield (kg) per plot were significantly increased with application of 60 and 84 L. ha-1 Powerplant (Liquid).3O L ha-1 application resulted in significantly higher yield (kg) per plot than control in the 2004 season only, while 100 seed weight was significantly affected only with 84 L. ha-1 in the same year. Effects of Powerplant (Liquid) on these measured variables were comparable to those of NPK in this study.



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