The effects of aqueous plant extracts and Decis in controlling Mylabris pustulata (Thunb) (Coleoptera:Meloides) on cowpea in Nigeria. (33)

M.M. Degri, I.S. Dongs, B.R. Singh


Extracts of Zanthroxylum zanthroxloides L.: Allium sativum L.:Datira metel L.Annanas senegalensis (Pers.) and Decis were evaluated at 10 % concentration for their efficacy against the branded blister beetle, Mylaris pustulata (Thunb) a pest species on cowpea. All the treatments exhibited significant protection of the cowpea flowers from the beetle’s damage compared with the untreated plots in 2002 and 2003 growing seasons. D.metel, A.senegalensis and A.sativum gave significantly (P<0.05) better control of the beetle than Z.zanthroxyloides but were not better than Decis the synthetic insecticide used. Grain yields obtained from D.metel, A.senegalensis and A.sativum were significantly (P<0.05) higher than Z.zanthroxyloides but slightly lower than Decis. Untreated plots produced significantly lower grain yields compared to tall the extracts used. These plant extracts which are readily available, effective and easy to prepare could be an alternative to synthetic insecticides for protecting cowpea flowers from Mylabris sp. Damage and for increase grain yield.


Plant extracts; banded beetle; damage; control; synthetic; insecticide; aqueous

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