The Faculty of Medical Sciences, Mona, Board Sub-Committee on Student Progression: Development and Outcomes


  • Andrea Garbutt
  • Melissa Walker
  • Russell B. Pierre


education, medical, health professions, academic success


The Faculty of Medical Sciences (FMS) Board Sub-Committee on Student Progression was approved by the FMS Faculty Board Mona in October 2017. Traditionally, all student applications for waivers pertaining to failure to progress or requirement to withdraw were submitted to the Faculty Board for consideration. This Sub-Committee was convened out of the need to create a confidential forum to consider student requests for (1) waiver of Requirement to Withdraw (RTW) and (2) Academic Progression in the FMS Programmes.

One hundred and eighteen student requests were received from 2017/18 to 2020/21. The majority were from the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery Programme followed by Bachelor of Basic Medical Sciences, then Dentistry, Physical Therapy, Nursing, and last, Doctor of Pharmacy. The aim is to characterise student requests during academic years 2017/18 to 2020/21 and describe outcomes (waiver granted, subsequent course outcome, progression, graduation). Descriptive and univariate analyses were conducted using IBM® SPSS® Statistics Version 22.