An Innovation in Student Learning and Assessment: Exploring Concept Mapping During the Research Process and Beyond


  • Dannielle Joy Davis
  • Roaa Aljafari
  • Ahmad Alqahtani
  • Weam Alroeshedy
  • Abdulaziz Alwazzan
  • Yuan Cao
  • Laura Hardin Marshall
  • Christine Luebbert
  • Zibin Wang
  • Vicki Fricke


student learning, concept maps, research training, assessment


The featured work examines concept maps as a tool in teaching and assessing student learning. The study utilises collaborative auto-ethnography in exploring students’ learning experiences, while applying concept maps to individual research processes. Findings reveal that concept maps assisted students in planning research projects, offered faculty an innovative method to assess student understanding of course content, and served as study aids during students’ doctoral qualifying examinations. Concept mapping as a learning and assessment tool (via examinations) was ultimately adopted across courses within the featured academic programme.