Pandemic Pedagogy – Challenges and Achievements: Using CANVAS and ZOOM to Teach an Undergraduate Course at Iere University during COVID-19


  • Leesha Roberts


pandemic pedagogy, educational technologies, online teaching


Like many Higher Education Learning Institutions around the Caribbean, Iere University’s Bachelor of Education Programme catapulted into complete online learning because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This Narrative Inquiry reviewed the emergence of an Instructor’s “Pandemic Pedagogy” while teaching third-year students an Introduction to Research course during Semester 2 of 2020. The Instructor used her field notes, the LMS analytics and semi-structured interviews with students to discover the emerging themes about pedagogical barriers and achievements encountered with online teaching during COVID-19. The inquiry findings included: the Instructor’s reflections on various online pedagogical strategies that contributed to her “Pandemic Pedagogy” and students’ reflections regarding the sudden shift of course modalities. This inquiry will add to the emerging body of scholarly work on the impact of COVID-19 on Higher Education and the opportunities for further investigations into using innovative and creative 21st century online learning strategies in the Caribbean.