• Paulette A. Ramsay


THE DISARMING EFFECTS OF A DEFIANT COVID-19 PANDEMIC forced educators to adopt strict physical distancing measures to prevent virus transmission. Furthermore, educational institutions at all levels worldwide embraced the unexpected challenge to teaching, by transitioning from face-to-face delivery to various modes of online teaching and learning. Higher Education Institutions sought to adapt, improvise, and creatively respond to the unique situation using a variety of distance learning technologies.

The twenty-fifth volume of The UWI Quality Education Forum invited academic essays which share the challenges, successes, and general experience with remote/online teaching and learning within the context of the pandemic. The volume comprises eleven essays that share the following:

  • Lessons learnt from the sudden transition to remote teaching;
  • Remote teaching and assessment;
  • Online education in the Caribbean: Challenges and opportunities;
  • The online education imperative and the challenge of limited resources: Institutional and/or cross-institutional perspectives;
  • Expanding access to higher education through online/remote teaching;
  • Best practices for online delivery in a pandemic;
  • Adapting discipline-specific pedagogy to online mode.