Understanding the Caribbean through the Lens of Post-Graduate Research and Practice

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Dylan Kerrigan


Understanding the Caribbean through the Lens of Research and Practice: A Selection of Graduate Papers from the April 11th, 2013, Department of Behavioural Sciences Post Graduate Conference, UWI, St. Augustine

For this third volume of the Journal of the Department of Behavioural Sciences (JDBS) presenters from the Department of Behavioural Sciences', Post Graduate Conference, entitled "Understanding the Caribbean through the Lens of Research and Practice" were asked to submit papers for development and publication.

The one-day conference consisted of 52 different presenters, across 10 different panels, and included a poster session and a poster workshop. In terms of audience, over 300 persons signed the attendance sheet on the day, including 25 scholars from beyond the region. The conference was also picked up by all three dailies and carried on the three consecutive days after the conference.

While it is clear the research of our Post-Graduate community is diverse and wide-ranging enough to stage a successful conference, the post-conference world for young Caribbean scholars is limiting.

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