• Matthew Louis Bishop Institute of International Relations The University of the West Indies


Welcome to the first issue of the Caribbean Journal of International Relations & Diplomacy of 2015. As we enter our third year, we have some very exciting developments planned for the next few issues. Later in the year, we will be publishing a set of papers on the question of Child Rights in the Caribbean in conjunction with UNICEF, as part of the wider development of the Caribbean Child Rights Observatory Network (CCRON). This is a crucial body, which has been situated at the Institute of International Relations (IIR) since 2014. It is charged with the important task of monitoring, collating and disseminating data and knowledge with the aim of extending and ameliorating the human rights of children. Beyond this, we are planning a special issue on the evolution of the Caribbean Court of Justice, and also other fora on, for example, the question of reparations. All of these themes - while not, perhaps, the traditional fodder of 'international relations' - quite rightly speak to our broader mandate of debating crucial intellectual and policy issues from an outward- looking, genuinely global perspective, albeit one which is rooted in the Caribbean.