Herb Addo, The Man: An Annotated Bibliography of his Works


  • Floris Fraser Alma Jordan Library, The University of the West Indies
  • Tamara Brathwaite Economic Commission for Africa Library


This paper provides an annotated bibliographic guide to the work of the late Dr Herbert Christian Addo, Third World intellectual and one of the founding fathers of dependency theory. His broad research agenda concentrated primarily on the Third World, but it also focused specifically on issues of small states. His peers note that he single-handedly captured the attention of international researchers throughout international studies since there are few thinkers who have tackled this issue from this unique perspective; no literature review, therefore, is complete on the topic without referencing his work. This guide seeks to echo and amplify the voice of Addo, beyond his writings, to re-awaken a focus on his quest for the greater acceptance of the study of both the Third World in general, and small states in particular, in the discipline of International Political Economy. This interest has been ignited by the fact that since his death the issues and challenges which plague small dependent states have become multifarious and have impacted significantly on their ability to survive in the era of globalization. Rekindling such an interest not only permits us to illustrate the continuing relevance of Addo's work to contemporary research in international studies, but it serves as a catalyst for once again taking these issues more seriously.




Annotated Bibliography