Iran? It's the Geopolitics, Stupid!


  • Mojtaba Mahdavi


This article sheds some light on Iran-US relations, Iran's Syria policy, and Iran's nuclear policy including the current nuclear talks between Iran and P5+1. It demonstrates that we need to examine Iran's regional and international relations in light of Iran's geopolitical concerns and constrains. Postrevolutionary Iran has taken both ideological and pragmatic approaches in foreign policy making. There has been a pattern of continuity and change, and a reciprocal relationship between domestic developments and foreign policy strategies. This article suggests that Hardliners of the World are now united to stop the process of confidence building, compromise and diplomacy between the US and Iran. Iran-US cooperation would change the existing regional alliances and will have some impact on the US relations with Israel and Saudi Arabia. Moreover, the policy of normalization and lifting economic sanctions would boost Iran's pro-democracy movement. Isolation, economic sanctions, military intervention and other forms of hawkish policies toward Iran would deteriorate democratization process and consolidate the position of the hardliners.




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