The United Kingdom and its Caribbean Overseas Territories: Present Relations and Future Prospects


  • Peter Clegg


This paper considers the relationship between the UK and its Caribbean Overseas Territories (OTs) since the Conservative-led coalition government won power in May 2010. There is discussion of the UK government's recent White Paper on the OTs; the balance of authority between the UK and the territories in areas such as good governance and economic reform; the attitude of the territories to the present political settlement; and the ways in which further autonomy can be encouraged. It is clear that the UK's role in the territories has become more assertive over the last three years, but the UK has also tried to build a more constructive and positive set of relations with the territories. The response of the territories to this has been mixed. Some are happy with the status quo, while others are critical. Notwithstanding it is likely that the existing arrangements will be maintained for the foreseeable future. What is crucial, however, is managing relations in an effective manner, which in turn could lead to the territories achieving greater autonomy in the medium-term.




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