A comparison of cooperative learning and traditional lecture methods in the project management department of a tertiary level institution in Trinidad and Tobago


  • Hatim Ali Project Management Department, Cipriani College of Labour and Cooperative Studies


cooperative learning, traditional lecture, heterogeneous students, Bloom's Taxonomy, project management


This study reports on students' performance after two groups of students were each exposed to different teaching methods; cooperative learning and traditional lecture formats. Knowledge and application of 'motivation' as a principle in project management was identified for this study. A pre-test and a post-test were administered and assessed.

The differences in individual scores as the change in learning were used to test the null hypotheses. The findings have given sufficient evidence to infer that we accept the null hypotheses and reject the alternative hypotheses. The results of this study infer that there is no significant difference in learning as a consequence of different teaching methods with regard to knowledge and application in a project management course at a tertiary level institution in Trinidad and Tobago, and that there is no silver bullet for teaching and learning.