Technology enhanced peer learning with PeerWise: Experiences and perceptions from a developing country


  • Lenandlar Singh University of Guyana


PeerWise, multiple choice questions, contributing student pedagogy


This paper reports on experiences of using PeerWise - a web-based application that allows students to collaboratively create, answer and develop multiple choice questions. This review covers one year and two cohorts of undergraduate programming students, examining student interaction, contribution and perception of the tool as a learning support mechanism. Evidence from this review suggests that most students were able to contribute to PeerWise and that approximately 25% of students contributed much more than was expected. Overall moderate correlation was observed between students' contributions and final examination scores with students with higher levels of participation scoring high in their final examination. Students likewise reported significant support for the use of the tool to aid teaching and learning. This review also highlights the potential of PeerWise to support collaboration and suggests that this has specific implications for developing countries.

Author Biography

Lenandlar Singh, University of Guyana

Department of Computer Science