Tales from the field: Reflections on the effectiveness of using concept maps and web pages in undergraduate literature courses at The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine


  • Geraldine Skeete


quality, assessment, learner autonomy, teamwork, concept map, web page, teaching, learning


The quality of student input in the Literatures in English undergraduate programme at The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine is linked to the quality of the output from the secondary schools, and so at the tertiary level there is the challenge to simultaneously establish continuity, remedy deficiencies and maintain university standards. In order to promote a love and appreciation for the discipline, and to promote both learner autonomy and teamwork inside and outside the classroom, this lecturer has attempted to employ diverse strategies that would enable assessment as learning and assessment for learning. Among these are the concept map and the web page. This paper focuses on the effectiveness of both in relation to course outcomes and expectations. The paper concludes with stated ways in which the lecturer intends to use these two strategies in the future on the basis of the observations from this reflection.