MobileMath: An innovative solution to the problem of poor Mathematics performance in the Caribbean


  • Vani Kalloo
  • Permanand Mohan


mathematics, mobile learning, Caribbean, secondary school


Given the positive research results that are appearing in the field, mobile learning is explored to determine if it can assist students in improving their performance in mathematics in secondary schools in the Caribbean. Mobile learning was expected to be motivating and offer the advantages of learning anywhere and anytime. A mobile learning system was designed comprising multiple strategies, game-based learning and personalization for learning mathematics. The mobile learning application referred to as MobileMath was created for learning algebra  and was evaluated over a three week period with a set of secondary school students. Data collected on the usage of the mobile application as well as data from the questionnaires, pre-tests, post-tests and interviews were used to assess  the effectiveness of the mobile learning application. The results reveal that the students were able to improve their performance and they were excited about using a mobile device for learning. They adapted well to using this method of learning for the first time. The students who improved were those who had done algebra in a previous school term but may have been failing the subject. However, the mobile application did not make a significant impact on students who were learning the algebraic content for the first time.