• Anna-May Edwards-Henry


Volume 2 of the Caribbean Teaching Scholar continues its thrust to broaden and stir scholarship through offering another option for discourse and critical thinking. The presentation of well-considered position papers and writings that are fundamental to the reflective habit are areas which the journal continues to encourage and promote. This journal thus provides a forum for research and dissemination, as well as discourse. Through these means it is intended that our educational activities will become strategic and highly regarded both among our teaching scholars and the wider public.
The articles in the current issue provide evidence of the impact of the use of new technologies on enhancing student learning experiences and their impact on developing professional practice and fostering desirable changes in the behaviour of our students. We also continue to showcase Tales from the Field where the author recounts ways in which teaching practice employs tools and ideas in unique ways to engage and empower students. The position paper provokes thought on the role of higher education in context.