Online technology issues in communication teaching


  • Godfrey A. Steele Department of Liberal Arts, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago


online technology issues, student experience, communication, undergraduate education


Although the use of online technology tools to support learning has been advocated for good academic and pedagogical reasons, the issue is that students do not readily or always have a good experience with it. Previous research on this subject concluded that a comparison of online and traditional essay submissions revealed lower online use than expected, lower preference for online submission, and lower quality online work. It is not clear whether this finding is consistent over time, is related to the student experience, and to previously unexplored issues. This led to the speculation that students needed better preparation and a fuller, more integrated, and longer-term experience to assess their use of online technology in a blended learning environment. This study examines student experience in two offerings of the same communication course to assess the nature and use of online and traditional submission modes, and to explore the issues relating to online technology. Using discrete and overlapping data from two cohorts, this study combines textual analysis and survey results to analyze and discuss the emergent issues.