Editorial Team

Managing Editor


Editorial Board

Jessica C. Lewis Marshall
Head, West Indies Collection, Mona Campus
Nadine Manraj-Newman
Head/Librarian, Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES) Documentation Centre, Mona Campus
Dunstan Newman
Preservation and Conservation Librarian, Main Library, Mona Campus
Khemchandra Persadsingh
Information Technology Officer, The Alma Jordan Library, St. Augustine Campus
Kumaree Ramtahal
Librarian, Cataloguing and Metadata Services Unit, The Alma Jordan Library, St. Augustine Campus
Daisy St. Rose
Librarian, Open Campus- St. Lucia
Sandra Stubbs
Librarian, Western Jamaica Campus
Judith E. Toppin
Officer In Charge, Cave Hill Campus Libraries

Former Board Members

We acknowledge the contributions of the former Board Members: