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Selwyn Ryan


The author raises a few questions. One of them about the kinds of activities that take place at an establishment called the Triangle. Mentions a recent seminar at the Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER) at which an American researcher, who was looking at popular music in Trinidad and Tobago was presenting the findings of her research. One of the things she said that generated a great deal of controversy and debate delt with the kind of music that is played at these big chutney soca fetes. She made the point, and it was challenged by a number of people there, that when she went to these chutney-soca fetes, she found that the younger people were really listening to and moving to hip-jop, and dub and not chutney-soca. The space was homogenised, but the music was not. This generated a lot controversy.  The author mentioned that he had never been to one of these fetes, and therefore asked the panel to give information about what really happens at these activities.

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