The Development of Pitchakaree in Trinidad and Tobago

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Kendra Ravindranath Maharaj (Ravi Ji)


States that the word pitchakaree needs explaining and offers a photograph of the instrument, made out of PVC pipe, in which you are drawing up the abir, the colored fluid, in the belly of the pitchakaree and then squirting it out on people. This is the most popular form today (the original pitchakaree was made out of brass). Today, however, pitchakaree is the form of a song that is unique to Trinidad and Tobago. The word pitchakaree came to us apart from in films, and those who remember the pitchakaree tool, from India. One of the most popular Phagwa songs is "In the hand of Rama, there is a golden Pitchakaree".

That song, probably written 2000 years ago, froze that word pitchakaree and brought it thourgh the indentureds to us today.

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